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If you want to put an end to feeling like your life "should be more" and want to take charge of your Second Half - We're here to help you embrace your Badassery!

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Your future doesn't have to include a stint as a Wal-Mart greeter. You still have time to dream. You can still be the person your 20 year-old self thought you would be. You are NOT old.

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Welcome to Over 50 Badass!

We’re psyched to bring you the tools, resources and motivation to take charge of the second half of your life. From life changing career opportunities, real world success stories, financial tips and life coaching to what to feed your body to allow you to be your Badass self - we’re your go-to to help you live the life you’ve been meant to live!

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Every day, we'll bring you fresh perspective and direction from some of the most Badass, successful thinkers, doers and creators this side of 50 - to educate, motivate and just plain give you that kick in the ass you just might want. Say Sayonara to those tired, old self-limiting beliefs and the nay-sayers in your tribe and make the most of your Second Half.

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Badass Bites

Our takes on tech (what the hell is Tik Tok and how do I play?), careers and opportunities that are right in the sweet-spot for an Over 50 Badass - along with our weekly Over 50 Badass Book club!

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Badass Jobs

Coming Soon! In addition to built-in networking and coaching - Over50BadassJobs.com will match you with great opportunities from companies that really want your badass experience and have pledged to FIGHT AGEISM.

"It is never too late to be who we might have been." - George Eliot

That quote kicks ass, right? Gives us hope and inspiration. You know what else it does? Gives us an out. Gives us an excuse to start tomorrow or the next day.


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Stop listening to that hater inside you. The one who is comfortable. The one who deep down thinks you can't do it. The one who tells you "money isn't important" or "you can sit on the couch and watch Idol and start tomorrow".

It's time to be a Badass.

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